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What is WHOIS Contact Verification? On January 1, 2014, eNom began verifying the WHOIS contact information for all new domain registrations and WHOIS contact information updates to existing domain registrations as mandated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Any new domain name registration or change to the Registered Name Holder of an existing domain name registration will require the verification of the Registrant contact email address.

A Registered Name Holder's willful provision of inaccurate or unreliable information, its willful failure to update information provided to Registrar within seven (7) days of any change, or its failure to respond for over fifteen (15) days to inquiries by Registrar concerning the accuracy of contact details associated with the Registered Name Holder's registration shall constitute a material breach of the Registered Name Holder-registrar contract and be a basis for suspension and/or cancellation of the Registered Name registration.

If contact verification is required and not successfully completed, then the domain(s) that were registered or associated with the contact change will require suspension. Domain suspension involves eNom taking over the DNS of the domain and posting a page on the domain listing instructions on how the name can be verified and have the DNS returned to the previous settings.

New domain registrations, change in 1. first name, 2. last name, or 3. email address for the Registrant contact will trigger the RAA verification process.  Changing just the organization name will not trigger the verification process but a change notice will go out to the registrant email.

The verification email will go to the NEW email address. The changes will not be reflected on the domain name until the RAA email is verified. 

This process does not apply to changes to Administrative, Technical, or Billing contacts.

For a domain that has never been verified, the domain will be suspended if not verified within the specified timeframe (see above).  This means that the website and email service associated with the domain will stop working.  You will see a page with a notice about ICANN's RAA and instructions to verify the contact.

For a domain that has been verified previously, if you don't verify, the website/email will continue to work.  There won't any negative impact.  The pending change to registrant information, however, won't go through. 

Once a domain is suspended, only a successful contact change can un-suspend the domain.

As soon as you click on the verification link, you will see this message: 

You will also receive a two follow up emails summarizing the changes, one at the new registrant email and one at the old registrant email with the following subjects:


The WHOIS information for domains registered via DejaNET can be viewed at http://whois.enom.com

WHOIS services provide public access to data on registered domain names, which currently includes contact information for Registered Name Holders. Registered Name Holders are required to provide accurate and reliable contact details to their Registrar to update WHOIS data for a Registered Name.

ICANN is responsible for the coordination of the global Internet's systems of unique identifiers and, in particular, ensuring its stable and secure operation. ICANN maintains policies and specifications for registrars and registrants to abide by.

To reach another person on the Internet you have to type an address into your computer -- a name or a number. That address must be unique so computers know where to find each other. ICANN coordinates these unique identifiers across the world. Without that coordination, we wouldn't have one global Internet.

In more technical terms, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) coordinates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions, which are key technical services critical to the continued operations of the Internet's underlying address book, the Domain Name System (DNS). The IANA functions include: (1) the coordination of the assignment of technical protocol parameters including the management of the address and routing parameter area (ARPA) top-level domain; (2) the administration of certain responsibilities associated with Internet DNS root zone management such as generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) Top-Level Domains; (3) the allocation of Internet numbering resources; and (4) other services. ICANN performs the IANA functions under a U.S. Government contract.

A change to the Registered Name Holder of a domain name is defined as any change to the first name, last name, or email address of the registrant contact. A change to the Registered Name Holder of a domain name will trigger the contact verification process whereby an email containing a verification link will be sent to the registrant email address. The link in the email must be clicked by the recipient of the email in order to complete the verification process.

Newly registered domains must be verified within 14 days.  Existing domains must be verified within 7 days.

If the registrant WHOIS information indicates that "Reactivation Period" is the registered owner, this means that your domain name has been expired for at least 15 days and needs to be renewed as soon as possible (should you wish to retain the domain name.)   eNom has paid to renew your domain to allow a grace period, which is why the expiration date shows next year. Once you have renewed your domain, the previous WHOIS information will again be displayed.

If you do not renew before the end of the (non-guaranteed) 29-day renewal grace period, your domain may be sold in auction, removed from the Domain Service Provider account, or go into redemption, during which time there is an additional fee involved to recover the domain. Renew your domain quickly to retain the domain and automatically restore all of your domain services (like your website and email).

If you need help renewing your domain but don't know who you bought it from, just click the link to find your Service Provider and enter your domain: Domain Service Provider.

Contact them directly for renewal instructions.

Or if you bought the domain directly from us, just log into your account and open a support ticket to renew the domain.

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A domain name is a unique address or identifier on the World Wide Web. One easily recognizable example is google.com: Type that domain name in your browser address bar, and the worldwide system of name servers connects your computer to the content of the Google web site.

Domain names are sometimes referred to as the real estate of the World Wide Web. A domain name gives you exclusive rights to a unique parcel on the Internet landscape.

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