Common FTP File Permission Problems

  • April 2, 2014

When you upload a file to our server,  the default permission set may not work for the file type that you have uploaded.

CGI files for example will require a permission of 755 or execute for all three user groups.

Linux / Apache breaks it down to three Groups - Owner, Group and World. Files normally are set to Read only on Group and World for most popular file types such as .html or .php. CGI files require execute and some PHP and other file types may also require this setting. For the correct settings refer to the software vendor as to their specific requirements.

If you use an FTP program to upload your files to our servers, you can click on the file name to do so. Most FTP applications support right click menus so if yours does, then right click on the highlighted file and choose properties. The properties box may have check boxes in combination with a text input box. Either click all three boxes for execute or input 755 in the text box and click "Ok" or "Save".

Refresh the file list to be sure the changes actually took place.

Do not set a file to more than it requires! A setting of 777 allows anyone to write to your files and could be a security problem.

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